Career Cruising and and Basketball Camp

Career Cruising is an opportunity for students to explore their interests, skills and learning style to get them thinking about post high school planning. This allows students to begin to start planning for their future, evaluating their career interests, college choices, and career goals to help begin creating a plan, as early as 6th grade. This creates a framework for students to think about the future and how important it is. Whether it is college, trade school, or the military, students will be able to figure out what best fits them. As their Career Advisor, having conversations with the students to build a vision, based on the importance of their future, their grades and their interests to push them towards future career success! This is a great opportunity for students to prepare for their own individual excellence, once they leave Hope Academy’s doors.  


Hope Academy’s Basketball League is an exciting program for students to learn how to play basketball, build their fitness and work on becoming a team. Students are trained and taught the fundamentals of basketball, leadership and teamwork. This is a motivational club, where negativity is not tolerated, students are encouraged to keep positive attitudes and spread positive vibes to each other. Study Halls and grade checkups are in place to ensure these athletes are not only excelling on the court but in their classes as well. Once the players are well trained and ready for competition they form teams to compete against each other in a competitive playoff series. Positivity, Teamwork and Fitness are this program's key values.