Mission & Vision


Hope Academy of West Michigan is a safe place for Preschool to 12th grade students and their families where they can succeed academically and grow psychologically, emotionally and socially.



Hope Academy of West Michigan (HAWM) provides learning experiences and life skills to students in Kent and surrounding counties.  HAWM is a safe haven for the community where children and their families can come to achieve academically and thrive in all other ways as a person.  Beyond academics, growth in character is a common focus for all grade levels.  All students will matriculate through the grades and mature into a person competent in the workplace and ready to be a life-long learner that reaches his/her full potential – whether that be in the community, the work force, the military a technical training school, and/or a college or university.  All Board and Staff participate in the learning community, modeling to students and families the importance of life-long learning through regular meetings to share ideas and resources in data teams.  Use of multiple data sources (e.g., formative and summative assessments, attendance rates and retention, graduation rates, behavior referrals, and others) is stressed at HAWM to inform individualized learning plans for each student and effective and innovative teaching and learning practices to assure academic excellence for all students.