Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG)



Since 2008, Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) has equipped nearly 6,000  young  adults  across  Michigan  with  the  skills  to  overcome  barriers  and win in  education,  employment,  and  as  citizens. JMG serves youth who have barriers to success.  Highly trained specialists assist youth in earning a high school diploma or GED,  securing  employment,  and/or  enrolling  into  post-secondary education. 

The JMG program mission is to equip young adults with the skills to overcome barriers and win in education, employment and as citizens. The JMG vision is that every young adult is educated, employed and career bound.

Students that are a part of the JMG program will receive the following support services:

Work Experiences and Employment

Students will leave the program knowing how to apply for a job, how to sell themselves on a resume and in an interview and how to maintain a job they love. They will gain these skills through activities such as mock interviews, job shadowing, guest speakers and talent tours of companies, colleges and training providers.

Adult Mentoring

Students will work with a trained JMG teacher/specialist who are mentors that work to alleviate the life stressors that cause young people to grow up prematurely. This allows JMG students to focus on their primary job - graduating.

One-on-One Employability Coaching

JMG specialists/teachers utilize the national recognized Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) curriculum to instruct on employability skills competencies. These competencies teach students how to be successful in the workplace and in life.

Barrier Removal

JMG provides assistance to students in breaking down barriers such as basic necessities, no transportation, or homelessness.

Preparation for School

JMG exposes students to a number of colleges and local training venues to assist them in the process of filling out a job application. Specialists / teachers will help students apply for scholarships and financial aid for college.

Leadership Development Led by Students

Many JMG students comment that the program has helped them gain confidence in developing leadership skills. Students become members of the career association. They have the opportunity to run for leadership positions, plan projects and special events to represent their school at the state and national levels.

Community Services Projects

Service to others and gaining as people in the community is one of the important values ​​and the basis of the JMG program. During the year, JMG students will participate in a variety of community service projects.

12 Months of Services and Follow-up

After the students' graduation, we invest at least 12 months of help for them to ensure they have employment and / or post-secondary education.


For more information visit the Jobs for Michigan Graduates Website at:

If you are interested in having your young person in the JMG program, please contact Hope Academy to get more information about the application process.