"There is not a day that goes by that I don’t look forward to coming to work.  I am glad to say that this is my ninth year and hope to be here for many more years! There are many reasons for this. Following are just a few of them. 

First, I love working with our students. They are all unique and come with different backgrounds.  Each one comes with a different level of skill whether it be academics like reading or math, and have different life experiences.  I enjoy the opportunity to develop relationships with each one and try to help each one reach his or her learning goals.

Second, I always look forward to meeting and getting to know the parents so that we can begin to work together to help their child achieve his or her individual learning goals, as well as provide a positive learning experience. 

Third, the staff here are amazing.  It’s always inspiring to have so many positive people who work together to help our students achieve success! "

Mr. West


"The best part of Hope Academy of West Michigan is the students. Our students are caring and hardworking. They see a challenge and rise to it every single day. Being a teacher at this school, I am able to see the growth in each of my students throughout the year. Each student comes into my classroom needing help with something. As a team, we acknowledge this need and work towards growing in that area. These students inspire me to become a better teacher everyday. 

The second best part of working at this school is my team. I have been very grateful to work with amazing teachers who have helped me grow. Everyday, we bounce ideas off each other for the best of our students. We always work together to solve any issue. Having the support of my team makes coming to work enjoyable."

Ms. Smith