Our Team

"There is not a day that goes by that I don’t look forward to coming to work.  I am glad to say that this is my ninth year and hope to be here for many more years! There are many reasons for this. Following are just a few of them. 

First, I love working with our students. They are all unique and come with different backgrounds.  Each one comes with a different level of skill whether it be academics like reading or math, and have different life experiences.  I enjoy the opportunity to develop relationships with each one and try to help each one reach his or her learning goals.

Second, I always look forward to meeting and getting to know the parents so that we can begin to work together to help their child achieve his or her individual learning goals, as well as provide a positive learning experience. 

Third, the staff here are amazing.  It’s always inspiring to have so many positive people who work together to help our students achieve success! "

Scott West; Teacher

Hope Academy of West Michigan has given me so many opportunities to grow not only personally, but professionally. I love working here, we feel like a big family!!

In my role as Office Manager, I have the privilege of assisting the Administration team and overall school body. I see first hand their efforts in trying to make our school better for everyone! Their passion and commitment is what I admire the most. 

Being part of the front office allows me to interact with students and parents. Our kids come to this school because they have very specific needs. Here they are supported by a faculty willing to help them thrive and succeed. As a Grandmother of two students, I can attest to that first hand. 

We will continue to be committed every day to our mission statement:  "Hope Academy of West Michigan is a safe place for students to grow and achieve academic success."

Milly Soto; Office Manager

Cindy Savino, Teacher

Tia Price, Teacher